Jenny Brosinski

Jenny Brosinski was borned in Celle (GER) and based in Berlin (GER). 2012 Meisterschüler postgraduate degree Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin, Germany. Appearing in an easily and sloppy aesthetic, Jenny Brosinski regularly uses raw canvases to create large mixed media paintings. Brosinski is best known for her compositions of canvases with typical lightness and simplicity – while she deconstructs her canvas into new creations, gathering classic oil colours with dirt, dust, household detergent or machine laundry.

Her process orientated approach let us participate in her studio experience and she uses her fascination for materials, incompleteness and failure to create paintings which are often compared to minimalism, calligraphic aesthetics or children’s mark-making. Despite her openness and impulsiveness, her work is not determined by pure chance; She always remains in control and creates her own atmosphere through her perception, which she makes visible in her canvases.

In 2022, Brosinski presented her first solo exhibitions titled „Monkey Mind“ and „As Long As I Get Somewhere“ with her major galleries Almine Rech, in London (UK) and Wentrup, in Berlin (GER). This was followed by solo exhibitions with Almine Rech and Wentrup in Shanghai and NY in 2023. And an institutional solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Emden called "There Were No Birds To Fly" in 2023 too.

Jenny Brosinski is currently working on her third solo exhibition with Almine Rech in Brussels in October and her solo presentation at the Oldenburger Kunstverein in November 2024.

Her works are included in several public and well-known collections, including Kunsthalle Emden (GER). The Margulies Collection, Miami (US), MMCA National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (KOR), Public Collection of the City of Gothenburg (SWE), Taschen Collection (US), Wemhöner Collection (GER), Flick Collection (GER), Busch Risvig Collection (DK), Kai Loebach Collection (USA), Ernesto Esposito (IT), Hannecart Collection (BE).