Rasmus Eckhardt


06.04.23 – 24.06.23

CCA Andratx is pleased to present the first exhibition in Spain by Danish artist Rasmus Eckhardt (DK, 1982). Solitude has been created specifically at and for the CCA and presents a new series of works created during his stay at the renowned artist residency at CCA Andratx, during March '23.


The exhibition project revolves around the reflection of the creative process, from the romantic conception of the artist's studio as a safe and sacred place. The project has been organized in two phases; a first one, consisting in an Open Studio, in which the artist will invite the guests of the ArtPalma Brunch (March 25th and 26th, 2023) to enter this studio-refuge, breaking a first barrier of this self-induced solitude. The almost performative action of viewing the works within the context of their creation will force the visitor to take on the role of observer-voyeur, confronting his or her own conceptions of solitude.


The second phase of the project will consist of the exhibition in the Kunsthalle Hall of the CCA of the 25 paintings on MDF boards created by the artist during this residency. With Solitude, Rasmus takes leave of the loneliness that is bound to the role of an outsider.


“When you realize you stand alone, and in that state reach out for someone to stand with you, that’s when love is found. That’s when the universe recognizes your need for togetherness; that’s when you are rewarded for your courage. For how can you wish for the love for another if you haven’t recognized and experienced life without the other.” 

(Rasmus Eckhardt) 


This leave-taking is not a lament. It is perhaps rather a form of catharsis. But it’s first and foremost a tribute to a life seen with one’s own eyes. And the dream of having someone to share it with.


“I’ve gone through life feeling distant from all the people with whom I have had relationships. No groups have embraced me, no family given me the space I needed. I have muted myself and reduced my intensity in the wish for being a part of society.

Everyone around me has an opinion about my behavior, and have spent their energy telling me that I was not okay. That I was someone who needed to change in order to be welcome in their circles.

My path in life has been one of rejection and isolation. Indignation, wonder, disgust and anger.”

(Rasmus Eckhardt)



Rasmus works with moments in life, moments he himself has experienced. And now he’s there again, as a character in the context of a painting. Diffuse and almost floating. Blurred nearly to the point of unrecognizability. And so recognizable. The character has no face. It is Rasmus himself, and it is solitude personified. It is all of us who have experienced being left behind for a moment, that felt like an eternity.


What happened there? Did we fall down? Did we fight our way up? Did we move on?


In delicate brushstrokes and light-colored nuances, the works take shape with chalk and brushstrokes on a raw, rough board. Then Rasmus sands and brushes them so that everything flows together into a somewhat familiar place— between dream and reality. A beautiful and restless, magical moment—or a nightmare anyone who has lived can recognize.



RASMUS ECKHARDT (b. 1982, DK) lives and works in Copenhagen. He has exhibited widely in Europe and the US, and this exhibition is his first solo presentation in Spain. His works had been featured in solo shows such as “Fragile”, Shrine Gallery, New York City, “Dandy”, The Plan, Copenahgen (2022), “Dreamer”, Sandberg Galleri, Odense (2021) and “Air”, Benoni Gallery, Copenahgen (2020). Furthermore, his work has also been presented in group shows such as “Grand”, Albert Contemporary, Odense, Sandberg Galleri, Odense (2021), “Balance”, VAEG Gallery, Aalborg (2020) and “Mancave”, Sandberg Galleri, Odense (2019).




This exhibition has been created together with COLLABORATIONS By Tania & Thomas Asbaek