Within the Artist-in-Residence Program, CCA is delighted to host the young artist Sean Tseng. Born in 1995, he studied BA Advertising in Taiwan until 2018 and obtained a MA in sculpture in the Royal College of Art, United Kingdom. In 2022, he started a second MA in the branch Philosophy. His medias are mostly photography, sculpture and installation. He makes full use of the spaces in which he works, creating a clear, fragmented aesthetic that plays on our perception. He often works with usual find objects, fruits, natural or artificial light and shadows. He is concerned by the passing time and the movement theory, and an impression of a floating almost-immobility can be felt in his exhibitions. He currently lives and works in London and Taipei and will be staying in Studio Amarillo during August 2023.


2022 Falling night, Project Seek, Hong’s Foundation, TW

2022 Producing space: divergence, convergence, dessert shop, Madeleine Art Gallery, TW

2019 The Exhilarating Silence, Dyson Gallery, UK

2018 Now and then, I find myself in a plain, and alter with a breez, a glance, G.Gallery. KP



2022 HEMLINGBY 2, Carp Gallery, TW

2020 Art Future, TW

2019 Lanzarote Arts Festival, ES

2016 On Balcony, Two Person Exhibition, Chiangmai, TH