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Saltarrelli-Breath Inn-Oil and gesso on canvas  96 x 81 cm 2023
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Young Judas Tree


Snippets from an Everyday Life from a bunch of super ordinary people but amazing artists

15.07.23 – 14.10.23

ARTISTS: Eve Ackroyd, Mary Corman, Li Jun, Irena Jurek, Ji Woo Kim, Kathryn Lynch, Josep Maynou, Martin Parr, Andrew Pope, Hunter Potter, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, David Risley, Mason Saltarrelli, Koichi Sato, Francisco Tavoni.

This is a warm and honest celebration of the mundane. An homage to ordinary people everywhere and all around, shown in an artistic montage that sums up the wonderful triviality of lift.


Its banal - and its touching, boring and beautiful as we take a stroll on Easystreet down memory lane. The old neighborhood, the (good) old neighbor, the same old car, the same way to work, through the park to school. This is your bench.  Look at random meetings, casual encounters, and do some people spotting and dog watching - and maybe even feed the usual birds. 


Strangers who look like friends and the other way around. The repetition of the sounds and routines and actions. New and the same. Its absolute boredom at its most beautiful. But most of all its just life.


All of the invited artists are occupied with life. They look at the familiar until it becomes (sort of) an abstraction. They look at other people's everyday life in a way so you and I can recognize ourselves with love, humor and irony. The familiar and recognizable becomes absurdly relatable through artistic distance 


This exhibition is a celebration of the routines that allow us to immerse ourselves in the wonderful banalities of everyday life. So, take a look and now look again. Always the same but every day is different.