Within the Artists-in-Residence Program, CCA is delighted to host the artist Miju Lee. Born in 1982 in South Korea, Lee received his BFA from Industrial Design Hongik University in 2006. She works across two- and three-dimensional mediums with equal style. The Busan-based illustrator paints outdoor murals, creates large-scale illustrations and also still-lifes. Predominantly, the theme that carries all her work is human emotion. Miju currently lives and works in Busan and will be staying in Studio Rojo during December 2022.



2019          Draw Lucid Things, yeemock Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2018          Secret Garden, Bongsan Art center, Daegu, South Korea

2017          Art Plage: Summer diary, Lotte gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2015          Glimpse Miboo Art Center, Busan, South Korea

2014          Fulanitu i Menganita, Yeemock Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2012          Realidad Mijúscula, Gallery Mutt, Barcelona, Spain



2020          Coto Placismo, Cerquone Project, Madrid, Spain

2019          Happy Lab, Jungrang Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

2019          Eco Ico, Gyeoungju Art Center, Gyeoungju, South Korea

2018          Guam-Arts wave, Lotte gallery (YDP), Seoul, South Korea

2017          Future of Art, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, South Korea

2016          RELOAD, Clayarch Museum, Gimhae, South Korea

2014          uP, TAF (The Arf Foundation), Greece

2013          Boooooomerang, TAF (The Arf Foundation), Greece