Within the Artists-in-Residence Program, CCA is delighted to host the artist Anna Nero. Born in 1988 in Moscow, Russia, Anna obtained her MFA diploma at HGB Leipzig in Germany and she has been lecturer and painting professor at the Art Academy Mainz. Growing up in a family of artists, Anna has been exposed to art ever since she was born. For her, it was not a matter of ‘finding art’; It was always there. She experiments with different approaches and develops a practice of her own in between the systematic and the intuitive. Anna currently lives and works in Frankfurt am Main. and will be staying in Studio Verde during May 2023.



2022   Slippery Slope, Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig, DE

          Obsessions, Another Place Gallery, New York, NY

          Testing into Compliance, Feldbusch Wiesner Rudolph, Berlin, DE

2021   USE, SheBAM! Gallery, Leipzig, DE

          HEAVEN, curated by Sammlung Simonow, Rainbow Unicorn Studios, Berlin, DE

2020   Res Extensa, Schierke Seinecke, Frankfurt, DE

          Fingers in Many Pies, FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph, Berlin, DE


2022   Objet Poem, fff contemporary, Seoul, KR

           Identität nicht nachgewiesen, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, DE

           Vision of Figure, Badr El Jundi Gallery, Mallorca, ES

           Eating a vegan sandwich, Lab21 gallery, Mallorca, ES

2021    DREI Generationen AusstellungsHalle1A, Frankfurt Common Séance, Galerie                           Rundgänger, Frankfurt, DE