Anna Rettl lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In her practice, she deals with the tradition of figuration and formulas for physical expression. Rettl’s paintings are variations of canonical artists' work, whose formal structures she reuses while the style, technique, and content are hers. A set of familiar formulas for physical expression has, until recently, dominated Western art history. Rettl investigates how artists have embraced or rejected these formulas, questioning how to represent sentient beings in painting today effectively.

Rettl received an MFA from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen in 2021. She participated in the MAUAMUAS Independent Study Programme in Lisbon in 2018 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Rettl is part of the roving artist-run space Jennifee-See Alternate. Recently, she exhibited at O - Overgaden, Outpost Gallery, and Arcway in Copenhagen.