Dankbarkeit ist das Gedaechtnis des Herzens

'Gratitude is the memory of the heart'

Carsten Fock

CCA Andratx is pleased to present the newest exhibition by the renowned German artist Carsten Fock. Throughout his stay at the CCA Studios during the global lockdown he has developed a new body of work that we are now excited to show in the CCA Kunsthalle.


In different premises and presenting new artistic perspectives, the concept of 'landscape' takes again the centre in this series of works. Landscape is indeed crucial to Fock’s work but on this occasion, it becomes the medium through which he questions the theme from an art historical point of view, as well as it serves as frame to explore the construction from an abstract point of view.


Carsten Fock is a contemporary landscape painter whose work does not only depict the landscape around the CCA Studios, where they were made, but also holds a strong, personal and emotional touch in them, expressed through the nature within. From examining his paintings, one might see how the gestures of his brush strokes are very similar to that of his hand writing – the mixing of text and image creates a tension almost as if one were looking at nodes on notepaper and the contradictory however symbiotic interplay between the two; from the fast, expressionistic strokes to the overall balance in the finished painting can be read as a musical composition. By using the Expressionist formal language, Fock’s works present symbols and signs that help to shape his catharsis exercise, allowing to express all his personal and social contradictions.