Within the Artists-in-Residence Program, CCA is delighted to host the artist Ava Samii. Born in 1990 in Tønder, Denmark, Ava’s medias are sculpture, performance and installation, through which she creates a realization of fictional narratives and scenes that revolve around alternative directions of evolution, mythology and hybrids between the recognizable and the unknown. The works act as props and a kind of testimony from a dream or parallel world, where the working process becomes the interpretive link between fiction and reality. Although she is not yet a bachelor, Ava Samii has already exhibited her work at Collaborations by Tania and Thomas Asbæk and Gether Contemporary in Kødbyen. Ava currently lives and works in Copenhagen and will be staying in Studio Rojo during June 2023.



2022   The Sun Rises In Peculiar Ways, Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen, DK

           As The World Turns, Collaborations by Tania and Thomas Asbaek, Copenhagen, DK