Within the Artists-in-Residence Program, CCA is delighted to host the artist Daniel Karrer. Born in 1983 in Basel, Switzerland, Karrer finds most of his visual inspiration on the Internet. The processing and recombination of the raw material he finds online leads to a layered body of work that offers a surreal interpretation of virtual reality and its consequences for our current society. The subjects in Karrer’s work are derived from a wide range of visual and thematic contexts; most are representational, and they all meet uniquely on a two-dimensional surface, within the medium of painting. Daniel lives and works in Basel and will be staying in Studio Amarillo during June 2023.


2023         Re, Barbara Seiler Galerie, Zürich, CH

2022         On Edge, Ung5, Köln, DE

                Flash - One Week Show, Tony Wuethrich Galerie, Basel, CH

2021         Untitled, Dienstraum, Kunstmuseum Olten, CH

2019         Shrubbery, Kunsthalle Arbon, CH

                Daniel Karrer, Tony Wuethrich Galerie, Basel, CH

                I NEVER SAID I WAS DEEP, fructa space, München, DE



2023          From Object to Ornament, Part 1, Edition VFO, Zürich, CH

2022          One Hundred Works, Tony Wuethrich Galerie, Basel, CH

                 (UN)CERTAIN GROUND, Kunsthaus Pasquart, Biel, CH

                 Reality is a Perspective, Galerie Rosenberg, Zürich, CH