Within the Artists-in-Residence Program, CCA is delighted to host the artist Sissel Marie Tonn. Born in 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tonn has a bachelor in Film and Media studies from University of Copenhagen and completed a master in Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2015.  In her practice she explores the complex ways humans perceive, act upon and are entangled with their environments. She is fascinated by moments of awareness and shifts in perception, where the boundaries between our bodies and the surrounding environment begin to blur. Tracing and capturing these moments often result in hybrid, interactive installations and objects, where audience is invited to engage in a sensory and participatory way with the stories and data at hand. Sissel currently lives and works in The Hague (NL) and will be staying in Studio Rojo during February 2023.



2022   Group, Earthbound – In Dialogue with nature, HeK, Basel, CH

2021   Fermenting Data, Duo exhibition, Spanien19, Aarhus, DK

2021   Nothing Makes Itself, Group, Arko Art Center, Seoul, SK

2021   Living Matter, Group, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, RU

2021   SYB triennial, Group, Kunsthuis SYB, NL

2020   Group, Evolutionaries, MU Hybrid Art House, NL

2020   Group, Ars Electronica, In Keplers Garden, AT

2019   Group, Web of Wet, Trafo Gallery, HU

2019   Group, KIKK festival, BE

2019   Group, Elsewheres Within Here, Framer Framed, NL

2019   Group, A School of Schools - Z33, BE and Atelier Lumen, FR