Brunch PostRedes SavetheDate 07.02.23


25.03.23 – 26.03.23

Art Palma Brunch 2023

at CCA Andratx

Sunday 26.03.23; 11-17h

Open Doors and Open Studios Day

CCA Kunsthalle

Worlds Within Worlds - Sophie Erlund, Igor Eškinja,

Stephen Kent, Josep Maynou, Mark Požlep

Curated by Jelena Tamindzija Donnart

Until 01.04.23

CCA Gallery

Bodies of Water - Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Emilie Imán,

Ida Retz Wessberg, Sissel Marie Tonn

Curated by Malou Solfjeld with the assistance of Olga Rusnak

Until 01.06.23


Solitude - Rasmus Eckhardt

Sol y Mar - Lin Utzon

CCA Open Studios

Rasmus Eckhardt, Jay Gard, Birke Gorm, Claudia

Peña Salinas