Within the Artists-in-Residence Program, CCA is delighted to host the artist Pierre Knop. Born in 1982 in Nancy, France, Knop works intuitively and organically, usually on multiple canvases at once, embracing chances and presumed mistakes in his process. His use of multiple mediums on one canvas creates dynamic and vibrant compositions, ranging from richly saturated nearly flattened fields of colour to freely sketched areas of gestural lightness. The protagonists of his paintings are overpowering landscapes, their figures merge with mountains, beaches or forests and exist in a certain tension to their environment. Pierre lives and works in Cologne and will be a resident at CCA during June 2023.


2023         Choi and Choi, Seoul, KR

                Yossi Milo, New York, NY

                Julien Cadet, Paris, FR

2022         Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen, DK

2021         Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, NY

2020         Tetrachromatic Visions, Choi&Lager Gallery, Seoul, KR



2023          Meyer Riegger, Berlin, DE

                 Jack Siebert Projects, Los Angeles, LA

2022          Flower, Choi and Choi, Seoul, KR

2021          The Loneliest Sport, Spazio Amanita, New York, NY

2020          Mixed Pickles 7, Ruttkowski68 Gallery, Cologne, DE