08.07.22 – 13.08.22

No better place for a summer artist fair than Mallorca. The artworks on display range from traditional to digital art, from contemporary paintings to NFTs by internationally renowned artists. 


The exclusive curation shown at CCA features works by 16 artists. misa.art lays the focus on young, emerging, ultra-contemporary artists and shows a wide range of various artistic approaches with works by painters Andrew Jilka, Florine Imo, Georg Haberler, Egor Lovki, Francesc Rosselló, Santiago Picatoste, Albert Pinya, and the former fashion-designer and now visual artist Miguel Adrover. Furthermore, four Danish artists Ditte Ejlerskov, Lasse Bruun, Evren Tekinoktay, Maria Rubinke. While digital artists Eliott Dodd, LoopingLovers and Cevin Parker complete the misa.art selection.  


ARTISTS: Miguel Adrover (ES), Lasse Bruun (DK), Elliot Dodd (UK), Ditte Ejlerskov (DK), Georg Haberler (AT), Florine Imo (DE), Andrew Jilka (US), Loopinglovers (DE), Egor Lovki (RU), Cevin Parker (DE), Santiago Picatoste (ES), Albert Pinya (ES), Francesc Rosselló (ES), Maria Rubinke (DK), Bartomeu Sastre (ES), Evren Tekinoktay (DK).

Access here to online misa.art ARTIST FAIR MALLORCA 


An art project created in collaboration with:


COLLABORATIONS by Tania and Thomas Asbaek