Welcome to the unveiling of "Estrellation," a captivating exhibition at Room SER, CCA Andratx, where the distinctive works of contemporary visual artists Kalin Lindena and Christof John come together in a harmonious yet contrasting dialogue. Born out of their artistic collaboration during a residency at CCA, this exhibition promises to be a compelling showcase of their individual talents and the artistic convergence and divergence that define their unique voices.


Hailing from Hannover, Germany, and sharing a background in graffiti, Lindena and John embark on a visual exploration that transcends the boundaries of their common roots. "Estrellation" invites you to witness the dynamic interplay between two brilliant minds who, despite their shared origins, navigate their artistic realms in seemingly opposite directions.


Kalin Lindena, born in 1977, stands as a distinguished contemporary visual artist based in Berlin. A graduate of HbK Braunschweig, her artistic journey unfolds in solo exhibitions like "Erzähl der Zeit" (2022) and "NOVEM BERISM" (2018). Lindena's impactful presence extends to prestigious group exhibitions hosted by institutions such as Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and Sprengel Museum. Recognized with awards like the Kunstpreis Mannheimer Kunstverein in 2017 and the Kunststiftung Erich-Hauser Prize in 2011, Lindena's influence reaches far and wide. Serving as a Professor of Painting at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe since 2014, Lindena continues to shape the contemporary art scene.


Christof John, born in 1984, is a dynamic artist based in Cologne and Berlin. His artistic practice delves into the nuanced relationship between close-up and distant views, revolving around the concept of a "never-ending picture." Trained at HBK Braunschweig under Walter Dahn, John's works have graced solo and group exhibitions at prestigious venues like Kunsthaus NRW Kornelimünster, Aachen (2021), NRW Forum, Düsseldorf (2021), Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, Venlo (2017), Bundeskunsthalle Bonn (2011), and Bonner Kunstverein (2010). His impactful contributions have garnered recognition through grants, awards, and residencies.


"Estrellation" invites you to delve into the intriguing interplay of contrasting styles and perspectives, creating a visual narrative that speaks to the complexity of Lindena and John's shared journey. As you navigate through the installation, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of their artistic trajectories and witness the profound resonance born from their collaboration at CCA. This exhibition is not just a display of individual talent but a testament to the power of artistic dialogue and the boundless possibilities when two brilliant minds come together in the realm of contemporary visual art.


“Estrellation” is an unconventional journey through the realm of art. This is not a regular exhibition; it is an immersive experience. Unlike traditional art displays, this unique installation challenges our perception of exhibition spaces and the role of the viewer within them.


As you approach the room, a sense of intrigue envelops you. Kalin and Christof disrupt the conventional norms by preventing access to the inner sanctum, shrouding it in mystery. They deliberately keep the room a secret, inviting you to ponder what lies beyond its concealed entrance. The artists wield control over the exhibition hall, becoming the architects of an enigmatic encounter.


Within the confines of this unconventional space, the user is restricted to viewing the installation from a single vantage point. This intentional limitation reshapes the dynamics of engagement, prompting questions about the nature of observation and participation in the artistic process. Kalin and Christof challenge the traditional power dynamic between artist and spectator, guiding the experience with a subtle yet powerful hand.


By restricting access and manipulating perspectives, the artists compel us to reflect on the boundaries that define our interaction with art. The exhibition becomes a collaborative act, where the artists set the stage and the spectators navigate the conditions imposed upon them. In this unconventional narrative, Kalin and Christof invite us to question, contemplate, and redefine our relationship with the exhibition space, turning the act of viewing into a thought-provoking journey.