Art of the day

05.08 - 09.09.2019


The exhibition #AOTD is named after the commonly used hashtag, which is an abbreviation of Art of The Day. The exhibition shows 78 works by 54 artists, which have all been carefully chosen from CCA’s own collection in an effort to give our visitors a rare look into the years of our Artist-in-Residence program.



The CCA Artist-in-Residence program


Since the opening of CCA in 2001 we have hosted 48 artists a year in our studios as a part of our Artist-in-Residence program. The program enables us to help up-and-coming artists as well as nurture those who already have well established careers, by giving them a studio they can stay in a month for free with an offer to create an exhibition in one of our spaces afterwards.


The program has since its beginning hosted more than 800 artists from all over the world, and we are proud to be able to continuously support artists and give them the opportunity to create without any commercial constrictions.





During its 18 years of existing it have been the general costume (though not a requirement) that the artist leaves a donation upon their departure. These donations have been stored, and have with few exceptions, never been a shown to the public.


In the exhibition #AOTD we have for the first ever, created an exhibition from our donations as well as other stored pieces, in order to give the audience a colorful and joyful behind the scene glimpse of CCA’s Artist-in-Residence program, and the many artists who have been an instrumental part in creating the CCA you see today.



The Havana Club


The first work you see to your left when you walk in is ‘Start! The Havana Club’, which is the first donation that CCA ever received. The painting is created as a collaboration between the three artists; Torben Giehler, Frank Nietsche, Les Rogers who for this special occasion adopted the group name ‘The Havana Club’. The work was shown ones before back in the days, and have since been hidden as a part of our private collection due to its sentimental and historical value. As we did not believe that we could call #AOTD a true behind the seen glimpse of the many years of CCA studio residents without including the work that began it all, this work is featured. However, Start! The Havana Club, is not for sale.



Untitled, Unknow.

Sometimes things just happen.


On the wall, just in front of you when you walk into the exhibition, between the big work featuring the lemurs and the ‘Please do Not Disturb,’ sign stands a small figurate. The figure that may or may not feature a KKK member holding a sign saying ‘Are you talking to me?’, is a work that was discovered during the preparations for #AOTD. It was found in a small box deep in our storage, without the signature of any artist, label, date or other means of identification.

With more than 800 artists haven been through the CCA studios, it is difficult to identify the origin of the work, however, this is also a part of our history and definitely apart of the behind-the-scene happenings of a large art institution like us. Sometimes things just happens.



A huge thank you


It goes without saying that we could not be more proud of the work that we do here together with the many amazing artists who have been supporting us from day one. The incredible energy that every single one of them have brought with them during their studio visit have truly been incredible, and on behalf of the entire CCA team we thank you.

Phillip Allen (UK) 1967

Florian Baudrexel (GE) 1968

Sofie Bird Møller (DK) 1974

Matthias Bitzer (DE) 1975

Catalina Cànovas (ES) 1983

Jennifer Coates (US) 1973

Holly Coulis (CA) 1968

Ridley Howard (US) 1974

David Humphrey (US) 1955

Sofie Erlund (DK) 1978

Carsten Fock (DK) 1968

Cullinan + Richards (UK) Artist duo since 1998

Johan Furåker (SE) 1978

Torben Giehler (DE) 1973

Frank Nietsche (DE) 1964

Les Rogers (US) 1966

Joanne Greenbaum (US) 1953

Erwin Gross (DE) 1953

Amélie Grözinger (DE) 1982

Philip Grözinger (DE) 1972

Sebastian Hammwöhner (DE) 1974

Erika Hock (DE) 1981

Heidi Hove (DK) 1976

Abselon Kirkeby (DK) 1983

Kristian Kragelund (DK) 1987

Claudia Larcher (AT) 1979

Cedar Lewisohn (UK) 1977

Bettina Marx (DE) 1981

Al Masson (FR)

Suzanne McClelland (US) 1959

Mathiew Mercier (FR) 1970

Elisabeth Molin (DK) 1985

Karl Monies (DK) 1984
Anna Nordquist (SE)

Rupert Norfolk (UK) 1974

Manfred Pernice (DE) 1963

Martin Städeli (SH) 1962

Andreas Plum (DE) 1977

Pepa Prieto (DS) 1973

Bernd Ribbeck (DE) 1974

David Rhodes (UK) 1955

Wolfram Sachs (DE) 1965

Christoph Schellberg (DE) 1973

Helga Schmidhuber (DE) 1972

Christine Schulz (DE) 1961

Jakob Steen (DK) 1986

James Viscardi (US) 1985

Gabriel Vormstein (DE) 1974

Robin Ward (US)

Jens Wolf (DE) 1967

Clare Woods (UK) 1972

Maria Zahle (DK) 1979

Natalia Zaluska (PL) 1984