Within the Artist-in-Residence Program, CCA is delighted to host Samuel Henne. Henne was born in Göttingen, Germany. He currently lives and works in Hannover, Germany and will be staying in Studio Rojo during August 2019.

The Artist finished his studies in liberal arts in 2009 at the University of Art Braunschweig, Germany. Alongside solo exhibitions in Hannover, Munich and New York, he also participated in numerous institutional group exhibitions in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Washington, DC.

Henne’s work is shaped by an interest in artistic and cultural theory, which questions production conditions and constructions of images and their interpretation. The isolation of details or shifts in content and perspective make structural aspects visible in his artistic work, as well as in their presentation. Recently Henne has been exploring museum displays and cabinets, as well as the underlying strategies of archiving sculptures in historical and archaeological contexts. In his practice, Henne intertwines formal, art historical and contemporary aspects to create images.

Skærmbillede 2019-08-07 kl. 16.55.07
Skærmbillede 2019-08-07 kl. 16.55.20
Skærmbillede 2019-08-07 kl. 16.54.54


2019 Samuel Henne – shifts & tilts, Kunstverein Göttingen, Germany

2018 Samuel Henne – displacements, Deutsches Haus, New York

2017 Samuel Henne – Beyond the Sphere of Reproduction, White Box Art Center, Beijing, China


2017 Fake Reality, FLAT 1, Vienna, Austria

2016 Art privately! – Hessian companies show their art, Germany

2015 Dealing with surfaces, GAK, Bremen, Germany

2014 Einknicken oder Kante zeigen? Die Kunst der Faltung, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany