The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik was founded in 1945 as a cultural institution with the intention that it should collect, study and exhibit artistic material of modern and contemporary art, the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik has to date managed to assemble, through gifts and purchases, a valuable collection of 3.000 artworks.

Through a collaboration with MOMA Dubrovnik, CCA has hosted the first stage of the group show "Worlds Within Worlds". The project started in November 2022 when the five artists Sophie Erlund, Igor Eskinja, Stephen Kent, Josep Maynou and Mark Pozlep had a one-month residency at the CCA Studios and created a number of works that were showed in “Prelude” at the CCA during the Winter. This February, our Kunsthalle hosted the 3rd stage of the project, with the show “Worlds Within Worlds” and since 27.04.23 the show is displayed and reviewed at MOMA Dubrovnik. The 4th stage of the project will take place in Zagreb this September. The project has been curated by Jelena Tamindzija Donnart.