A team of curators directed by Patricia Asbaek organizes between 3 - 4 international exhibitions per year, showing challenging artistic projects and experiments in a wide range of media.



The CCA Gallery offers selected works to satisfy the demands of any art collector. Paintings, sculptures, installations, graphics and photographs from international and local artists are displayed and for sale. The CCA Gallery also hosts solo exhibitions of artists who have worked in the CCA Studios.




CCA ESPAI is a space dedicated to artists residing in the Balearic Islands. An annual program of four solo exhibitions will present contemporary art by Balearic artists working in a wide variety of media such as such as paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, video art and installations.



The aim of the CCA ESPAI is to create an ongoing dialogue between contemporary artists from the Balearic Islands and the widely international art public of the CCA Andratx. In this way, CCA ESPAI hopes to contribute to the already flourishing creative development in the Balearic Islands, as well as to promote the artistic and cultural life of the Balearic Islands internationally.

The CCA ESPAI will be a dynamic platform for Balearic artists to show their works and to benefit from the international reputation of the CCA Andratx, considered to be one of the most challenging art spaces in Spain today.



CCA SER is a Special Exhibition Room dedicated to projects, exhibitions and/or artwork that have in one way or the other moved us at CCA.  The SER does not have a planned program, but it is possible to send in an application if you think you have a project or a work that will fit the space perfetly. 

The SER is suitable for a wide variety of media such as such as paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, video art and installations.




Over the last 18 years the CCA Andratx has shown some of the most amazing exhibitions by high end artists from all over the world.

We have tried to put together an archive of all the previous exhibitions and its amazing to see how rapidly it is growing. Looking forward to many more amazing exhibitions to come.



Address:  Estanyera 2, 07150 Andratx 

Phone: +34 971 137 770

Email: info@ccandratx.com


Due to the current circumstances all visits will be by appointment only.

Book here: info@ccandratx.com


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