Anna Kott

07.09.19 – 08.12.19



CCA Andratx is pleased to present 24 micro infinities, an exhibition created by Berlin-based artist Anna Kott (PL, 1975). This exhibition is a visual and acoustic dialogue between the artist and the two musicians, Maya Foster and Katarzyna Wasiak, to show the infinite potential and liveliness of a completed artwork.


Anna Kott (PL)


Anna Kott was born in Silesia, Poland in 1975. She studied fine art in Cracow, Poland and had several solo exhibitions in Berlin, Dusseldorf and Bamberg. Kott’s work has been shown in group exhibitions in Budapest, Brussels, San Salvador, Berlin and Zurich. She has been in residence with Hauser & Wirth in Somerset and received several grants such as the Socrates Erasmus Grant from the College of printing in London.

24 micro infinities consists of three different elements: a three-dimensional drawing, a photographic series and a soundscape. Inspired by the couple Frédéric Chopin and George Sand, and their stay on the island in Winter 1839/39, Anna Kott’s drawing– a form of ongoing 20-meter-long waves– contains parts of Chopin’s original musical manuscript.

Her photographic work is inspired by George Sand’s novel “Winter on Mallorca” and features predominantly water and other elements in nature. 

The third element includes a special interdisciplinary experience, created through a collaboration between Anna Kott, the Swiss singer Maya Forster and the Polish pianist Katarzyna Wasiak. Forster’s vocals and Wasiak’s experimental piano improvisations build an acoustic space of thought, deeply connected to Anna Kott’s drawings.

These 3 “embodiments“ are placed in one exhibition space, as a three- part counterpoint in the music, each standing for itself while embracing the other, structurally and thematically. 


The sound is the core of this exhibition and can be regarded as an audible translation of the relationship between Sand and Chopin. It consists of interlocking strips of material: exceptions to the Preludes themselves; from Sand’s writings, written in Mallorca and the sea itself recorded around the island.

For Anna Kott, Chopin’s life and his musical masterpieces show the infinite potential and liveliness of a self-contained work of art. This inspiration results in her fascination of how individual notes on a piece of paper create a flowing melody. The emotional melodic lines, the lively rhythm and the organic density of Chopin's music are interpreted in the visual medium of the artist.