One of Hanne Bangs most valuable qualities as an artist is a well developed understanding of current phenomena and characteristics, which she addresses in ways that makes them impossible to overlook.

This capacity is in it self significant, in a time where there seem to be no limit to what people are able to ignore – even if it is right in front of their nose.

In short Hanne Bang has an eye for societal relevance, that trough an esthetic serenity results in sharp visual statements – with zeitgeist as an everlasting ‘dialogue’ partner.

This however doesn’t mean that her works become one sighted and moralizing, simply that one faces her works with the realization that something important is at stake, and to encounter this something, one has to step on the field and participate.

A function description of Hanne Bangs works could be as follow; to present to the people new discussion objects and hereby inspire to reflection upon central aspects of our present.

One thing is for sure: Two people whom together observe a work by Hanne Bang, will guaranteed begin a spontaneous conversation on the questions that Hanne’s works examine. The answers to these questions cannot or should not be found in the works themselves, rather in the interaction between work, spectator and context.

A distinct significant feature is the attempt to make an alternative room for experience and a room for discussion where observations an opinions can be stated and nuanced.

It is fertile and refreshing, with an unbiased artistic confrontation with the core of the matter – the reality that we do not wish to see.
A confrontation that the works of Hanne Bang is going to provide.
Klaus Mulbjerg, May 2011


Hanne Bang (DK)



CCA Andratx is pleased to both, take part in and host the international, collaborative and ongoing art project “In a war someone has to die”, by the Danish artist Hanne Bang.

Consisting now of 316 handkerchiefs, people from across the world have contributed by embroidering on them, one same short yet decisive sentence in their own language, “In a war someone has to die”. So far, 54 countries are present in the project and many more will join, aiming to conjoin with one voice, beyond any nationality, politics, religion or culture, people from all over the world in their comment on war.

Refugees, Facebook and the “domino effect” - Every single handkerchief has its own unique story to tell. Some of them are made by people that I have meet in refugee camps and half way houses, and Facebook has made the project international.” Hanne Bang.