"Dystopian Archaeologies. Exploring the vestiges of a past-future."

La Misericordia, Palma

21.09.23 – 15.11.23

CCA Andratx presents a union of two disparate worlds in an intriguing dialogue. Trine Søndergaard, originally from Copenhagen, and Stefan Rinck, born in Homburg/ Saar, share space and creativity in an exhibition that invites us into an archaeological scenario of juxtaposed surprises.

From the moment we enter this new room in the labyrinthine building, a sense of time travel envelops us. We find ourselves

in a corridor that leads to a cistern, but before we reach this destination, our eyes are captured by relics. These objects, like portals to dystopias, past eras and alternate realities, urge us to reflect and question.

In this room at La Misericordia, we witness an astonishing convergence between archaeology and contemporary creativity through the works of Trine Søndergaard and Stefan Rinck. Their joint exhibition is not only a testament to the power of art to transcend temporal and narrative barriers, but also stands as a testament to the ability of these two artists to push the conventional boundaries of artistic expression.

Text: Raquel Victoria