Sola Olulode

Sola Olulode is a British-Nigerian that portrays figurative queer intimate narratives in a bold, illustrative graphic style. She uses a wide range of materials including dye, ink, wax, oil paint, pastel, acrylic, charcoal and batik. 

Heavily inspired by artists from the black arts movement as Claudette Johnson, she has always been interested in the ways artists paint the body and scenes. Olulode researched how Nigerian Artists were using traditional crafts and techniques on contemporary practices to apply them to her work. 

Olulode focuses on the idea of togetherness, softness and the tenderness of love. 

Transcend crude notions of queer sexuality 

She has exhibited works internationally and graced panels across multiple London galleries and art fairs including VO Curations, Carl Freedman Gallery, Christie’s Education and Lisson Gallery.