About us

CCA is located in a beautiful natural surrounding in the town of Sa Coma (Andratx), 30 minutes drive north of Palma. Here we share a landscape that is spread across to the small village of Sa Coma, through the valley and into the innate landscape of the fertile terraces and the tall pine-covered mountains. These landscapes lead directly to the sign-posted 'nature walks' that Mallorca is internationally known for. There you can walk for hours with breathtaking beautiful scenery as your sole companion.

The soil is fertile and has been cultivated for millenniums. The Centre is self-suffcient in oranges, lemons, almonds, figs and olives. The property also has its own spring - a great rarity on this sundrenched island. It provides sufficient water to cover the needs of the whole centre and is an important contribution to the paradisiac quality of the place.

Andratx is a small town situated in a beautiful valley with terraced crops stretching up the mountainside. A few kilometres away lies Port Andratx, a charming harbour town situated between steep mountain slopes.

The exhibition spaces are large and high to the ceiling but flexible with concrete flooring and simple white walls. With limited window room and tailored lighting, these exhibition spaces give specific emphasis on the art displayed. Howebver, the patio's large glass doors open into the exhibition halls, the gift shop and the restaurant, with the light being beautifully filtered through the colonnade.