There's an ocean here but you are all I see

Andrea Marie Breiling

June 22nd - September 22nd

Artist Andrea Marie Breiling (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) invites us on a sensory and emotional journey, a path where every spray stroke and every color transports us to her inner world and the very essence of the island of Mallorca. The institutional hall Kunsthalle at CCA Andratx fills with a gentle breeze and a salty aroma that envelops us from the very first moment. In this new exhibition, Andrea offers us a feast of chromatic explosions, a reflection of her residence on the magical island of Mallorca.

For nearly four months, Andrea has deeply immersed herself in the landscapes, colors, and textures of Mallorca, nurturing her artistic practice and drawing profound inspiration from the island's unique beauty. As a Mallorcan, I am filled with pride to see how these rich experiences have materialized into the impressive works. Andrea's art not only captures the essence of Mallorca but also reinterprets it with a distinctive sensitivity that sets her apart. Her usual approach of applying bold strokes, drips, splatters, and spontaneous gestures creates atmospheric dimensions unlike anyone working with spray paint today. This innovative technique has earned her critical acclaim and recognition as an internationally known American artist.

Artistic residencies possess a remarkable power, providing the freedom and space for artists to explore and investigate new directions in their work. Andrea has taken full advantage of this opportunity, and it is evident in her latest creations. In these new works, we find new scenarios, planes, and techniques that mark a significant evolution in her artistry. Her recent pieces have grown to include shadows and voids made with cords, elements she uses to create swirls and sensations of life and movement. These dynamic additions breathe fresh energy into her work, demonstrating a sophisticated development of her style. The residency has allowed Andrea to delve deeper into her methodology, resulting in artworks that not only reflect the spirit of Mallorca but also resonate with a broader audience, showcasing her ability to transform inspiration into innovative, emotionally charged art.

Andrea, in this exhibition, gently takes us by the hand and leads us through her vision of the island, a warm and welcoming land where the strokes of spray paint reflect in our eyes like flashes of sunlight. As we enter the room, we are greeted by an explosion of vitamin D, with warm shades of yellow and orange flooding the white cube and enveloping us in an atmosphere of light and warmth. The cream tones adhere to our skin like grains of sand, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the work “Labored Breath (the stone sets with you), 2024”. The black rays that cross the canvas resemble the momentary blindness caused by the intense sunlight, an intensity that blinds us and makes us squint to glimpse the daylight through our fingers.

As we move through the exhibition hall, the journey gradually cools, as if we were walking from the hot sand to the coolness of the sea, where our feet touch the water for the first time in summer. The paintings begin to contrast in colors and movements, becoming more organic and wilder, like a mane dancing in the wind on a summer day.

This transformation envelops us in a chromatic dance and makes us feel the freedom and untamed nature in its purest form.With each step we take, we delve deeper into the Mediterranean Sea, feeling the water slowly rise until we are submerged in a marine forest full of life. The colors darken, and we can feel the Posidonia brushing against our skin, greeting us alongside the marine creatures that inhabit Mallorca’s crystal-clear waters. We let ourselves be carried by the current and ascend to the surface to take a deep breath of air, flooded by sensations of nostalgia for those endless summers under the sun, with hair and skin sprinkled with salt.

Days when the sun sets while we dine, and the sky turns a shade of pink we never imagined, like the tones we can appreciate in the works “Sunset Sandstone (The Sun Takes Everything), 2024” and “The Only Shrine I’ve Seen (Purple moon, magenta skies) 2024.”The exhibition that Andrea Marie Breiling presents to us is more than an art show; it is an immersive and transformative experience, a dive into the artist’s soul and the essence of Mallorca. It is a “cap fico,” as we say on the island, the best gib that art can offer: the ability to make us feel deeply, to transport us to other worlds, and to connect us with our own emotions. This exhibition is undoubtedly a testament to the power of art to touch our hearts and leaves us with a sense of wonder and gratitude.

Text by Raquel Victoria