Group exhibition: A selection of works from CCA's collection

Curated by Raquel Victoria

23.03.24 – 20.06.24

Welcome to " The Softness," a new exhibition curated from a portion of our extensive collection nestled within the combs of the CCA archives. Here, we invite you to immerse yourself in a selection of artworks imbued with the essence of a Mediterranean spring - a scene both radiant at midday and refreshingly cool as dusk settles in.

 In contemplating the theme of "softness," we venture beyond the tangible, embracing it as an immaterial sensation within contemporary art. It's more than a mere color or texture; it's a delicate interplay of various elements that elicits a profound response—a gentle exhale, a tender caress to the eye. 

Within this exhibition, we offer a modest yet profound exploration of softness in contemporary art, drawing from the rich tapestry of artists who have graced our halls and collaborated with us over the past 23 years at the CCA Andratx. Each piece invites you to surrender to its quiet allure, to embrace the subtleties that whisper of serenity and grace. 

Join us as we journey through the realms of softness, where every stroke, every form, speaks volumes in the language of tranquility and beauty.

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Just 30 minutes away from beautiful Palma
Estanyera 2, 07150 Andratx, Mallorca, Spain

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