Works by Stefan Rinck & Philip Grözinger

Curated by Raquel Victoria

23.03.24 - 01.09.24

In this exhibition, Rinck and Grözinger explore the power of escape through art. Their paintings and installations immerse us in alternative universes, where distractions become refuges from reality. From a critical perspective, they address how our society resorts to these escapes to avoid confrontation with the truth. Through a critical lens, they explore how overexposure and overstimulation push us into the realm of the virtual and the fictional, distancing us from the authenticity of our existence.

 In a world where reality fades between glossy screens and constructed narratives, Rinck and Grözinger challenge us to confront the uncomfortable truths that lie behind our escapades. This exhibition invites us to question our own practices of escapism and to reconnect with the essence of our humanity in a world we often prefer to ignore.

Stefan Rinck is a German visual artist, born in 1973 in Homburg/Saar. He lives and works in Berlin. Rinck studied Art History and Philosophy at the Universität des Saarlandes in Saarbrücken and Sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe. He has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including Museum de Hallen, Harlem (NL), Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels (BE), Nino Mier Gallery, New York & Los Angeles (US), Vilma Gold, London (GB), Semiose, Paris (FR), Gallery Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich (DE), Skarstedt – East Hampton (New York, US), The Breeder, Athens (GR), Galeria Alegria, Madrid & Barcelona (ES) and Cruise & Callas, Berlin (DE). He participated at the Busan Biennale in South Korea and at the Vent des Fôret and La Forêt d’Art Contemporain in France where he realized permanent public sculptures. In 2018, the work The Mongooses of Beauvais was permanently installed in the city of Paris at 53-57 rue de Grennelle (Beaupassage). The sandstone sculpture Why I bear / Grosser Lastenbär was inaugurated in November 2021 at Zionskirchplatz in Berlin-Mitte. He is in following public collections: CBK Rotterdam (NL), Musée de la Loterie (BE), Sammlung Krohne (DE), FRAC Corse (FR). In 2019, Stefan Rinck was featured in the Thames & Hudson publication 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow. The documentary Heart of Stone by Sonja Baeger was premiered in 2021 in Berlin and pictures the production process of Rinck’s three monumental sculptures.

Philip Groezinger, born in 1972 in Braunschweig, Germany, embarked on his artistic journey through the corridors of Braunschweig University of Art, where he immersed himself in the world of fine arts. Today, he stands as a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene, his creativity flourishing in the vibrant atmosphere of Berlin.

 With an impressive portfolio of solo exhibitions, Philip's work has captivated audiences across the globe. From the thought-provoking "The Unravelling" at Gallery Kirkegaard, Copenhagen (2020), to the evocative "Daisy Bell" at Galerie Sexauer, Berlin (2019), each exhibition reveals a glimpse into the depths of his artistic vision.

 Philip's artistic prowess extends beyond solo endeavors, as evidenced by his participation in various group shows. Exhibitions like "Frankfurter Applaus" at Galerie Greulich, Frankfurt am Main (2018), and "1000 Sterne" at Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen (2017), showcase the breadth of his talent and the universality of his themes.

 Through his art, Philip Groezinger delves into the complexities of the human experience, inviting viewers on a journey of introspection and discovery. His contributions to contemporary art resonate deeply, leaving an indelible mark on the artistic landscape.

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